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Weekends RequiredClaire Walters Has Worked For Jason Danvers As His Assistant For Three Years, But He S Never Appreciated Her As A Woman Until The Day She Jumps Out Of A Cake At His Friend S Bachelor Party To Support Her Ailing Mother, Claire Is Forced To Work A Second Job At A Party Planning Company But When Her Handsome Boss Ends Up With A Front Row Seat To The Action, She S Mortified And He S Intrigued With Danvers International In The Middle Of An Important Merger, Jason Asks Claire To Accompany Him On Weekend Business Trips And Suddenly All Her Fantasies Are Coming True Her Outspoken Best Friend Thinks That Getting A Little Executive Attention Will Solve Everything But Claire Sees In Jason Than Just Sex Jason Is Determined To Know How The Beautiful, Sexy Woman In The Cake Could Also Be His Mousy Assistant The Time They Spend Together, The He Realizes How Much Fun It Can Be To Mix Business With Pleasure And How Much He Wants To Offer Her A Happily Ever After Of Her Own.

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    2.5 stars I m going to go with definition number one pleasing agreeable delightfulIn this case, nice ended up being pretty close to First off, let me disclaimer that this book wasn t bad In fact, Weekends Required was pretty standard CR fare one couple is attracted to each other, yet they fight their feelings for a while until something happens to bring them together Throw in a few small obstacles to further the plot along the way and there you go Standard formula By all reason, this book probably deserves at least a 3 star minimum rating because it s honestly not bad for a CR However, when taking my enjoyment into consideration I m probably pickier than the average romance reader , I couldn t go higher than a 2.5, which is just shy of average for me, since I m rounding down instead of up.Some authors manage to work the formula better than others, whether it s by adding in some laughs, or amping up the steam These are the books that get either a 3, 4, or the rare 5 star rating from me Weekends Required ran somewhere along the lines of definition 1 nice pleasing agreeable Delightful doesn t really qualify in this case However there did happen to be one delightful scene It s hard not to be amused when the female lead is forced to jump out of a cake at a bachelor party for her boss s friend Especially when the boss is the potential love interest Talk about embarrassing My thoughts in a nutshell I wasn t completely bored with the entire book there were some good parts.I neither liked nor disliked this book.I thought it was pleasant enough to pass the time.I was mildly entertained during the sex scenes.I found myself wondering why our heroine was accident prone.I still hate the use of the nickname baby.I got tired of Danvers referring to Claire as the stripper I failed to care what happened with the story of the mother.I wasn t sad to see it end.I doubt I ll remember much about this story.I doubt I ll read the next one.

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    Weekends Required was an enjoyable read until it wasn t I enjoyed the first approximately 80% but the last 20%, was really annoying I enjoyed the developing relationship between Jason and Claire, how they fought the attraction while giving in at times I also enjoyed Jason s jerkiness when he found out about Claire s second job What I didn t like was how Jason went behind her back to help Claire And actually, that didn t bother me either What really bothered me was the fight that wasn t When Claire found out what Jason had done they fought which was fine , and that led to them falling into bed again, fine but then Claire received a phone call about her mother.and the whole issue was dropped I could understand if the issue was just put off until Claire found out how her mom was doing, but it wasn t really brought up again The big fight that later came had to do with Jason asking a creepy neighbor of Claire s to leave her alone That s what finally set Claire off and pushed her into breaking up with him And it was really anticlimactic Claire threw in a few other misdeeds when she broke up with him but I found myself rolling my eyes and wishing the book would end already I think the worst thing to happen to an otherwise good book is a horrible ending As the book neared the end I couldn t bring myself to care if they got their HEA And to make things worse there was an epilogue, which in itself is normally a good thing and it did show that they got their HEA view spoiler plus one hide spoiler

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    This was a cute and quick read Loved Jason D Wish Claire would have got with the program at times, but with her past it was understandable Suzy was probably my favorite character Fanfreakingtastic and funny I am excited about the her next book

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    This was a really weird book for me simply because have you ever read 50 shades of grey And realized the main hero is kind of a controlling asshole but at least he wasn t mean about it Like at least Christian grey didn t keep insinuating that you re a prostitute or a stripper Well, our main hero in this book did and it was YIKES and freaking OUCH honey, that s not cute and I would find it very hard for me to forgive someone who kept pushing me down with these comments whenever they didn t get their way Regardless, this story was fun and a mess at the same time Not a good book persay but trash enough for my trash enthused heart to give it a very low 3 5 stars

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    3.5 StarsClaire has been working for Jason Danvers as his personal assistant for the last three years Jason is the president and head of Danvers International Claire has had nothing but a professional relationship with Jason and doubts he even realizes she s a female This hasn t stopped her from having lustful fantasies about him and his Hot Buns I was cracking up than a few times over the urges she had over them Jason bent over and started to pick up the contents of Claire s make up bag from the floor She couldn t help but admire his long, lean form and those jeans did things for his butt that should be against the law She had to fight the urge to slide her hand right down that hot set of buns and give them a squeeze. Anyways, moving on Claire hasn t had a boyfriend in three years so this doesn t help her ever growing imagination each time he walks by Claire has important things to worry about that having a boyfriend She s had to provide for her ailing mother with mounting medical costs and care issues Because of this, she s had to take a second job for a party planning company as wait staff but also as the girl who jumps out of the cake, scantily clad, at bachelor parties She takes this job, in spite of her reservations because it pays well Never in her wildest dreams does she think her boss, Jason would be in attendance at one of these parties But she would be wrong, very wrong Jason for his part hasn t noticed Claire for anything but her efficiency as an assistant Yes, he thought she was attractive but Jason never thought of Clair as a knockout This was all hidden behind prim, proper, and drab clothing When he catches sight of her jumping out of the cake he can t believe this gorgeous woman has been under his nose the whole time Now Claire is at the center of way too many men s fantasies, and he doesn t like this one bit He s determined to find out why his assistant finds it necessary to put herself on display, and he s going to put an end to it Jason and his hot buns was the star of this story for me Not only is he a pretty hot picture, he s what every woman would want He s passionate and caring, wanting to spare Claire any trouble in her life What starts out as a fling to him turns into so much When he finds out all her problems, he wants to do all he can to fix them Unfortunately, Claire doesn t take his help so easily What Jason sees as help, she sees as controlling behavior and interference While I get some of her reasoning, this for the most part frustrated me I did admire Claire for her caring and love she gave her mother I just wish we had less of that story included Overall this was a fun, fast, and spicy read and I look forward to the next book revolving around Suzy Not Planning on You

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    This was a fun little gem of a story It s a light, easy, and entertaining read that captured my attention and was easy to finish in one sitting.I love a great office romance, and this one has it all A great boss secretary relationship, a business trip that puts them alone together, and a host of entertaining secondary characters that help move the plot along We are introduced to the couple that will be featured in the next book, and I m almost looking forward to their story than Jason and Claire s story There were a few things that kept it from being a 5 star read Some parts of the plot lacked believability..but this is IS fiction Claire s actions were frustrating from time to timeand there came a point where I wasn t sure that she even deserved Jason Even with these minor quibbles, I can definitely recommend this book Jason was the type of hero that just works for me Alpha, powerful, successful, rich, and completely smitten with the heroine He s your typical successful CEO and I completely fell for him right along side Claire Claire had her fair share of baggage and my heart did break for her and the abusive past that had left her scarred and damaged.As a bonusI love a good epilogue, and this one had a GREAT epilogue Very satisfying I m immediately moving on to the next book which also says something

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    This was a cute, sexy romance story It wasn t as well developed as some of the really good romance novels are that ending wrapped up a little too perfectly and too quickly for my tastes , and the characters lacked some of the depth that I prefer to have in this genre, but overall it was entertaining Claire and Jason were definitely on fire for each other, and the steamy scenes were H O T hot lol I didn t love the plot with Claire s mom, I found myself skimming through a lot of those scenes I get that there needs to be a background story around all of the allure and temptation, but this one just didn t keep my interest much I liked Jason s tendencies to be overprotective, he was sweet and very giving to Claire even though she kind of threw it back in his face most of the time thanks to her history I wanted to slap her for pushing him away instead of just explaining things to him, but it did give that great heartbreak to the story that I so love Overall, cute story that could have been better with less cheesy dialogue and better character development, but I give it a 3.5 because I enjoyed it

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    This was my first book from this author and I loved the chemistry between our two leads Claire Jason The story was well developed and a page turner Claire works for Danvers International as as assistant to the CEO Jason She also supports her mother who has not been well doing a second job that her boss has no clue about Plus he has no clue to her crush on him, Jason has never paid much attention to Claire, she does her job and does not bring attention to herself When he attends a bachelor party and his reliable and conservative assistant jumps out of the cake he sees her in a whole new light.What these two can t deny is the intensity of their attraction to each other The characters are awesome, her best friend is hilarious and you can t help but fall in love A guaranteed HEA, sexy Alpha and a kick ass heroine.

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    Where to start This book was full of everything Drama, heartache, romance, passion, love, witty characters and ended perfectly I LOVED this book, I couldn t put it down until I knew how everything was going to pan out I am definitely a huge fan of Sydney and can t wait to read the second book in the Danvers series Easily one of my new favs

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    I really liked this book The author made me smile quite a few times Like this With the medical bills piling up for her mother, she had gotten desperate for a second income to help make a dent in the constant stream of expenses While pondering how successful someone such as herself might be as a hooker, and ad in the Sunday paper caught her attention. Okay, so it s Sunday and I shouldn t have been wondering if I could sell my body for extra money while skipping church Talk about guilt Another part that made me laugh was her her description of her neighbor, William but call me Billy.I loved her friend Suzy She was a fun character and got me excited to read her story Girlfriend, you got some explaining to do I call and call and you never answer Are we seeing other friends now or something I know this is kind of a sucky review but I waited too long to review it I can t remember specific thoughts I just remember liking the over all book.

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