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How to Avoid Sex The Scourge Of Sex Continues To Degrade Us, Undermining The Superior Moral Fibre Of Which We Are Capable It Seems One Can T Leave The House Without Falling Prey To Orgy Gangs Or Pornographic Film Shoots Rather Than Admonishing Prurient Genital Tendencies, We Make A Sport Of Celebrating Them There Is A Mistaken Belief That Sexuality Is A Natural Part Of The Human Condition This Fallacy Has Plunged Us Into Damp Crotched Darkness.This Is The Story Of A Superior Man Unwilling To Bend To The Will Of Society S Sex Addiction This Is A Document Detailing The Lengths Some Of Us Will Go To Avoid Sex, And Why Sometimes It S Not As Easy As One Assumes.

[Epub] ↠ How to Avoid Sex  Author Matthew Revert – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • How to Avoid Sex
  • Matthew Revert
  • English
  • 19 July 2018
  • 9780987156174

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    Sex How important is it Is it absolutely necessary in order for a relationship to work This question is explored in the title story of this genuinely bewitching collection Montgomery Worthington has never experienced sexual arousal He feels as if he is superior to those around him, and, while remaining civil, he goes about his life with little personal interaction Then he does something completely out of character He responds to a message written on a bathroom wall and meets an equally lonely entity His soulmate is not human Montgomery has fallen deeply in love with a sentient chair by the name of Windsor The pair have much in common, so much so that after dating, they retire to Windsor s apartment Windsor has no problem expressing his sexuality, and after sitting upon his companion, Montgomery falls deeply into a well of shame The pair were so comfortable together until their relationship turned physical Is it possible for the alliance to continue Both man and chair realize that they have some compromising to do There are endlessly bizarre aspects to this story, and these unorthodox elements successfully enhance the narrative However, looking ...

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    Matthew Revert is like the 21st century reincarnation of Monty Python in author form His books are sublime, emotional, and wholly absurd They are, simply put, amazing.In this collection even the foreword by Matthew s maybe imaginary see Matthew Revert s afterword to Jordan Krall s Beyond The Valley Of The Apocalypse Donkeys brother is hilarious.In the title story of this collection Montgomery Worthington narrates the tale of his discovery of the joys of relationships and sex via a message written on the wall of a toilet cubical he discovered one day whilst seeking a place of solitude to relieve himself Montgomery is a proper gentleman, and as such, his voice comes across like a Monty Python sketch In fact, the voice is so strong and interesting that despite the fact that after 50 pages all that has happened is Montgomery has gone to the toilet twice, I was compelled to continue reading The set up to discover just who it was that wrote the message on the toilet wall is great, Montgomery really caught my intrigue with his desire to meet the person, and his horror at the awareness of the fact it was a sexual liason.Overall the story is quite brilliant, no less than I have come to expect from Revert s writing.The other stories in this collecti...

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    Another stage of evolution in one of our most interesting young writers Revert manages to create something fresh and innovative, without falling into the complexities and gimmicks of experimental fiction Instead, he finds a new ratio b w Voice and Story that i...

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    Oooo I definitely misjudged this one.It s part novella and then a handful of short stories all our less dealing with sexual issues, mainly repression and jealousy Granted these ideas are presented in the comically bizarre, in fact the opening novella caught me off guard and produced than one genuine belly laughs The novella itself is sound and rather straightforward an extremely sexually repressed man falls in love and loses himself in his own newfound carnality When Revert takes out certain expected things and replaces them with bizarre things, it starts to feel a bit on autopilot The eventual spiraling out of control from the main character winds up feeling a bit ho hum in light of everything else that has gone on There is a sense of relished defeat and obstinacy to conform to socially acceptable ways Slick novella aside the cracks really show in the short stories that follow.Most of them feel like sketches, the ideas tossed about a bit before being dropped altogether without reaching any kind of earned catharsis The story about a ship captained by ...

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    I really enjoy this writing style, but this is by far the weirdest book I have ever read Not in a bad way of course.

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    A very beautiful portrait of my life with other cool stories Shoes.

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    Crap Horrible, pointless, annoying crap It s like the author is fucking with the readers, and not in the good way.

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