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[Ebook] Techno-Fix  By Michael Huesemann – Buyphenergan500.us
  • ebook
  • 400 pages
  • Techno-Fix
  • Michael Huesemann
  • 02 March 2018
  • 9781283301596

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    Welcome to our all you can eat buffet of eco predicaments, a remarkable achievement brought to you by our old friend, technological innovation Our friend isn t evil He s a hilarious charismatic trickster who excels at making comical mistakes Every brilliant idea blows up in his face, flattens him with a boulder, or rockets him over a cliff He never gives up He never learns from his mistakes He never succeeds.Like the trickster, Americans are famous for our manic techno optimism Economic growth and material progress make us giddy with delight, and seventy two percent of us believe that the benefits far outweigh the harms The planet doesn t matter Technology will certainly enable the kids to have a somewhat life like experience, riveted to their glowing screens A sane person can only conclude that we live in a world of illusions.Techno Fix, by Michael and Joyce Huesemann, takes us on a voyage through the hall of illusions It provides readers with magic x ray glasses that allow us to see right through heavy layers of encrusted bull excrement and clearly observe our way of life in its bare naked essence It delivers a super sized serving of precious common sense that should be a central part of every youngster s rite of passage, but isn t The human species invented techno addiction, a dangerous habit that seems impossible to quit we always need bigger doses This add...

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    I really enjoyed this book It s not the most riveting writing he s extremely detail oriented and tends to use the same sentence structure repeatedly, etc and it s not told as a story but rather as an information dump but all that said, it s fascinating stuff The main thesis is something many of us already know and that is that technology is part of the heat engine that is human industrial civilization and as such, will always always contribute to the problem, and in aggregate, will do so than it helps solve the problem So all technology, at least in its current incarnations, in aggregate, will lead us closer to the end game of a livable planet Much of the book is spent discussing why this is the case, and some of the book is spent offering solutions Overall, the author has a plan, similar to what you d expect no technology unless we can recycle, reuse all waste, or in such small quantities that the earth system can absorb it safely Not gonna happen One gets the impression the author doesn t really believe it will happen either, but feels obligated to lay it out just in case Yeah Right Two very valuable things one comes away with are a breakdown of the analysis required to understand and analyze a given technology s impact, which he recommends we do in depth at all stages of a technology s development including at the idea stage and, a long list of questions to help you think deeply about the c...

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    I liked this book a lot I think it is not an easy topic to discuss, given the blind faith most modern societies have in technology The problem is that technology is a vicious cycle we pretend to solve problems caused by technology with technology, with technology, with technology and so on This normally would not make sense for most of us However, the authors highlight some reasons why this happens For instance, there is what they call the myth of value neutrality , i.e the belief that technology is not inherently harmful, but that the use and the users are the ones who make it so This reminds me of something American gun supporters say all the time it is not guns who kill people, it is people who kills people There is also the current economic system and the pursuit of limitless profits Technology is of course a great component of this growth, and those who own it just need to make incremental, usually useless changes many times called innovations to make old technology useless and incompatible thus creating the need for .More or less recent attempts to decr...

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    I thought this was one of the better books that I ve read The book shows how so called techno fixes can make matters worse and that there is always a price to be payed It shows problems with our current culture and system, and by offering solutions it gives us hope It doesn t shy away from telling things as it is either the green dream of non renewable energy sources while part of the solution, will still require sacrifices and isn t without its own environmental impact.The book is a great companion piece to Antifragile for several reasons 1 Both talk how removing elements from the system might be better than adding elements to the systems via negative versus via positiva2 Both books talk about iatrogenics, this book goes into depth about iatrogenics, while it was Antifragile and another book Why we get Sick which first introduced me to this concept I hold the view that the healthcare system in my country will someday blow up, there is much energy being put into it than comes out of it 3 This book has a similar idea as that of skin of the game from Antifragile by having decisions makers and so on far removed from the consequences of their policies, i.e the lack of skin in the game, makes them care less about these consequences or simply does not expose them to itI recently read The systems view of life and have to say I like Techno fix slightly I would recommend both I thought Techno...

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    This book is excellent The Huesemanns are husband and wife, both are scientists but in different disciplines Most of my reading these days is as research for my next book which will basically argue that we need an economic and social paradigm shift, away for the exponential growth debt based consumption driven path which leads to civilisational collapse if we continue this disastrous path Often I encounter the argument that technology will somehow save us, the cavalry will arrive just in time to save the besieged wagon train This book shows how the dream of technology based rescue is fatally flawed As this book argues business interests often view nature as an unlimited source of wealth if all artificial constraints imposed by government agencies and environmental organisations were removed However this is but one of the self serving fallacies that are prolonging the doomed paradigm Economic growth cannot continue on a finite planet because of ecological constraints Technology will not change this fact Though technology is often promoted in the media as being solely beneficial this is not true As the Huesemanns argue despite the fact that all technologies are value laden, the myth of value neutrality continues to be perpetuated Moreover negative side effects are inheritant...

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    The first two thirds of this book is a well written and thorough critique of the technological system The authors make convincing and well articulated arguments against a variety of different technologies medical, energy, etc while at the same time stepping back to look at the value systems embedded in the technological system.However, the end is disappoint...

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    This book made me think about my life of knee jerk support of science my whole life I still think most corporations are evil , not intentionally, but they F things up, by their very nature I will continue to read and explore to determine if it s time to pull the driveway in, get a gun , etc or ...

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