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Ashleys Deal Ashley Is In A Relationship With An Older Man She Loves David, But Cannot Bear The Idea Of Settling Down So Young David Suggests A Deal Ashley Will Only Sleep With Other Women, Not With Men David Thinks He Could Live With That, And Trust Her To Keep Her Promise, Once It Is Made Ashley Agrees, Unsure She Ll Ever Need The Free Pass, But Then Ashley Meets Rose, And That Changes Everything.

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    A very enjoyable story by a talented writer.I like the way that Tess Mackenzie writes These books tell wonderful tales of lesbian romance whether the stories are long or short I like the characters and storyl...

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    Just say no This is a phrase made popular by Nancy Reagan on her war on drugs It could also be aptly applied to this story David and Ashley are both lawyers in the same firm She is a young associate he a senior partner They have been having an affair but for her their age difference of twenty seven years is a problem She discusses her situation with her boss, another partner and she advises Ashley to stop the affair and keep it hidden from David Ashley felt that talking to her boss was the strangest thing she had ever done as if being spread out on the drain board like a Hungarian smorgasbord wasn t strange She feels trapped and rebels by having an affair with an old boyfriend When David directly confronts her with the question of her infidelity, she decides not to lie and confesses her transgression They eventually come to an agreement and once again seek their dream of domestic bliss Tess Mackenzie paints a reasonable situation and poses the pragmatic yet challenging question does love conquer all The deal they struck served as a safety net for Ashley, a last resort and like a high wire acrobat and aft...

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