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鍵 [Kagi]A Confiss O Impudica O Relato De Uma Rela O Amorosa Extremamente Complexa O Psicologismo, A Eleg Ncia E A Leveza Da Escrita Fazem Deste Livro O Melhor Exemplo Da Obra De Tanizaki A Hist Ria Parece Simples E Concentra Se Em Dois Personagens Que S O Um Casal O Marido Um T Mido Professor Universit Rio De Meia Idade Que N O Consegue Satisfazer A Sua Mulher Dez Anos Mais Nova E De Temperamento Excessivo Ambos Dissimulam As Rela Es Mais Ntimas De Casal Ele Por Introvers O, Ela Porque, Proveniente De Uma Velha Fam Lia Feudal, Mant M Uma M Scara De Pudor A Hist Ria Contada Da Maneira Mais Original E Eficaz Cada Elemento Do Casal Redige S Escondidas O Seu Pr Prio Di Rio Ocultam No Mutuamente Mas Ambos Sabem Que Cada Um L Secretamente O Di Rio Do Outro O Livro Constr I Se A Partir Dos Fragmentos Dos Dois Di Rios Produzindo Uma Atmosfera Ntima Muito Particular, Partilhada Pelo Leitor Ao Seguir Os Pormenores Psicol Gicos E Os Ardis Que Se Cruzam E Entretecem At Mort Fera Teia De Paix O.

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    This book was, ironically, one of the only classics I manages to find in a collection of popular mainstream literature I stopped wondering why after ten pages It is short nd concise and very hot and perverse, and you even have the excuse that it is classical Japanese literature what s not to love Fortunately, it is also much, much than cheap eroticism Indeed, to read it as an exciting bedside reading is to miss the point entirely It is rather a psychological novel, based on the partial understanding of a husband and wife who try to explore each other s feelings in order to better manipulate the other Of course, when I say feelings , do not understand that this is some sort of emotional introspection where husband and wife try to get into each other s head and finally learn about mutual rspect This is not about emotions at all nor respect, for that matter , this is about sex, and manipulation But who said that sex was less complex than emotions I guess the best thing about this book is i...

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    nsanlara i imden ge enleri s ylemeyi pek sevmedi imden, kendi kendime bir eyler anlatabilmek i in g nl k tutmaya ba lam t m Tanizaki nin tak nt l karakterlerini seviyorum

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    Kitab n, evirisi Frans zca dan Zihni K men taraf ndan yap lan ve 1972 y l nda Ve Konyakla Ba lad Her ey ba l kl bask s n da, evirisi Japonca asl ndan H Can Erkin taraf ndan yap lan ve Kas m 2011 y l nda Anahtar ba l kl evirisini de okudum eviriler birbirine ok yak n, ak c ve okuma zevki veren metinler Ki bu da her iki evirinin de ok ba ar l oldu unu ortaya koyuyor Tanizaki nin kitaplar n okurken, fark nda olmadan O nun gelenekle hesapla mas n i imde hissetti imi fark ettim Bir taraftan huzur ve g venin g vencesi olan gelenek, di er taraftan aya m za nas l pranga olabiliyor, ancak bu kadar g zel anlat labilir T m kitaplar nda yer alan bu hesapla may sayfadan sayfaya de i en duygularla hem i selle tirebiliyor, hem kar kabiliyoruz Romanda s rad bir ailenin s rad ili kileri, g nl k sayfalar ndan aktar lmakta Zaman zaman g ld ren yorumlar n nedeni kitab n sonunda anla l r hale geliyor ve d m ancak kitab n sonunda z l r gibi ol...

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    Bir yerlerde okumu tum, Tanizaki nin tercihen insandaki saplant lar konu ald s yleniyordu Bu t m yle do ru Bu saplant lar n ya am anlaml k ld na, bir avuntu sa lad klar na inan yor Anlatt b t n hikayeler bu eksende d n yor.Tanizaki Anahtar da bi em olarak g nl kleri tercih etmi Saplant l bir koca ve ondan o kadar haz etmeyen ama muhafazakar yeti tirilme tarz y z nden isteklerini bir ekilde kabul eden kar s n n tuttuklar g nl kler.Bu kar koca, g nl k hayatta kuramad klar ileti imi, s z mona birbirlerinden gizledikleri g nl klerle sa lamaya al yorlar Kas tl olarak kendilerini ele veriyor, bir s re sonra da g nl klerden birbirlerine seslenmeye ba l yorlar Tuhaf ama anla l r bir oyun gibi ilerliyor bu ileti im K zlar n n bir arkada n n ve hatta bizzat kendisinin dahil olmas yla tam bir ke meke e d n yor.Saplant yk s son sayfaya kadar makul bir s rpriz fakt r yle ilerlerken son sayfada okuyucu yerle bir ediliyor a k nl ktan finalde g zlerimi fal ta gibi a t...

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    This is my favorite Tanizaki book Tanizaki is a master in story telling His central point to me is around the impossibility to create real, deep, human connections and be able to establish a channel of communication you feel that no matter how hard you try to connect to another human being, you are destined to fail Although we should know better, we will use tricks and deception and in the end we will have distorted and ruined any chance we had of creating a real and honest relationshipat that point, he goes even deeper Is it really just communication or it is impossible for us to communicate because objectivity does not exist and reality is flawed by eyes that look at it Tanikazi characters always feel old of advanced age to me even when they are not based on their age although t...

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    Bir ift d n n Tutkular , hayalleri, hazmedemedikleri olan Kimileri birbirleri hakk nda, kimisi i sel eki meleri..Bir noktada d k l yor hepsi ortal a yazd klar g nl klerde.Kad n ve erkek,ikisi de birbirinden habersiz ama bir o kadar fark ndalar bu ger e in Yeni ba layan bir y l var nlerinde, di er y llardan olduk a farkl ama.Tanizaki, yine kad n zekas n y celtmi , erke in arzular na esir d mesiyle birlikte Zeka dolu bir okuma deneyimi Son sayfas na kadar bir ikililik s z konusu Ger ekten g nl klerini okuyorlar m sorusu arka planda Ve tabii k skan l n harl ate te olaylar pi irmesi....

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    It s funny to read a two diary he said she said novel so soon after reading John Fowles The Collector In that one, the idea of the unreliable narrator is stronger here we seem to have reliable narrators, until the stunning denouement proves at least one of them to be intentionally misleading for a purpose that would be a spoiler And it s a fairly astonishing purpose This is a story about the tragic results of poor marital communication and divergent needs, though at heart the needs of both spouses are the same The gamesmanship is played subtly, there s an Asian delicacy to this subterfugeThe book is erotic, sort of, but not prurient whatever that means any The sadness and the clinical elements in it kept me from becoming aroused by it, per se The story is told in the simplest language There are no complex words or sentences...

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    My first Tanizaki book and it didn t disappoint A subtle, erotic story about the emotional extremes or games a couple will go to to enhance the excitement of their sexual life Only not in a vulgar way This is an early 20th century Japanese novel that compares traditional and moral values with egocentric urges and desires to create a stimulating tale And true to Classical Japanese, it s all in the nuances and subtleties that the characters and the reader are stimulated It s hard to comment on this novella in detail without ruining the plot, just know that it s not about the sex or anything that lewd, but about the desires and about the games people can play to enhance those desires Having said that, th...

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    Odd little book Middle aged couple reconnect through wife getting blind drunk and hubbie then ravishes her as she pretends he is hubbies best mate Their daughter brokers an affair between her mother and the best mate whilst hubbie is incapacitated through a stroke.Daughter may know best mate quite well she is suspiciously clued up on love hotelsHusband dies and daughter plans to marry best mate, and wife mother lover will move in with the both of them in a menage a trois.I may have...

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    Published in 1956, after its author had to censor it due to the explicit sexual content, Kagi comes only a year after Lolita, the other Classic I ve read since the beginning of the new year.I couldn t have chosen two books similar in their recurring themes, in the violent protests they caused in the Countries where they were published, in the way they both depict the contrast between two different, but greatly codependent worlds.Tanizaki Junichiro had two favorite subjects erotic obsession and the influence of the West over the Japanese culture of the 20th century.Both of these themes can be found in The Key.A middle aged husband who s always kept a diary, never writing about his sexual life, decides, after twenty years of marriage, to confess to its pages what frustrates and makes him unhappy about his ten years younger wife.Ikuko, he laments, is the typical Japanese woman, modest and shy, but with an incredible passion that makes her always hungry for sex Their lovemaking though, is repetitive and lacks fantasy and that s because despite her hunger, his wife is unable to overcome her strict and traditional upbringing It s impossible for her to follow her husband s reque...

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