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Outsiders Vol. 3: WantedWritten By Judd Winick Art By Carlos D Anda, Karl Kerschl, Dan Jurgens, And Others Cover By Doug Mahnke The Thrilling Third Collection Of The Hot Title Collects OUTSIDERS 16 23 This Volume Includes The 3 Part Most Wanted Story Arc Featuring Television Personality John Walsh, As Well As An IDENTITY CRISIS Tie In Story Guest Starring Batman

[Ebook] ↠ Outsiders Vol. 3: Wanted Author Judd Winick – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Outsiders Vol. 3: Wanted
  • Judd Winick
  • English
  • 09 November 2018
  • 9781401204600

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    Is this the Outsiders or Teen Titans lite Or both Or neither That s the struggle in the first issue collected here Do the kids do this Titan family style or is this all superhero bad guy beat down bidness Let s let Nightwing and Arsenal decide.On second thought, just put Jade in charge.Winick et al tries to tackle the issue of child abduction slavery and bravo for the, uh, trying The group even enlists a real life fictionalized huh John Walsh of America s Most Wanted in the attempt to track down the ring leader of this sordid business.Of course this affects one of its members on a personal level and also predictably impacts the only member with a child sigh and ugh Again, kudos for the manipulative and contrived attempt.Somebody is funding the Outsider kids and Arsenal is getting tips on bad guys on the sneak and because he s on the back cover all plot roads lea...

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    In my opinion, this is the best of this series so far The character work for Roy, Dick, and Grace was honestly astounding to me Every so often, I ll read a volume of a team book that so perfectly understands how to give a few members of the team complex characterization and still keep it interesting Grace Choi has been my fave since I started this series I m so in love with a woman of color that doesn t exist to be sexualized She towers over everyone and she could kick everyone s ass On top of that, she does have emotions Usually, female characters are presented 3 ways cheerleader damsel, sexpot, fighter with no emotion Grace is none of those so kudos to Winick for giving us a well rounded, well fleshed out character I fell for Grace even in this book and we get a better understanding of why she does this job Granted, I was fresh off reading a Marvel book before I picked this up and I had to readjust again to the fact that DC discusses darker crimes I don t think I ve read a Marvel arc where the Avengers take down a child sex trafficking ring It s a very dark storyline and the fact that Grace suffered at the hands of this monster was heartbreaking I have to hand it to Winick he told this story in a respectful manner Tanner s crimes were taken seriously, the victims were never sexualized or condescended to At the end of this arc, this i...

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    This series started off interesting right away There was a new person in charge, a new member and an underground child smuggling ring A couple of the comics revolved around some of the members that they wouldn t normally highlight and that made it so much interesting and exciting, to see these characters in a different, intense way It also gives us a villain that I haven t read about before, which made that story a lot exciting We find out that they have been conducting business with someone that no one on the team wan...

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    Holy smokes, loved this volume So first half is all about children getting abducted and brought into child slavery It s disturbing to say the least, and when well done, like here, it s hard to view but compelling With so many mediums doing stories on this, a few hit the mark, and this did Especially getting personal for Roy The next arc is about finding out who s been feeding the Outsiders their information Last but not least is the final issue which revolves around a traitor being a part of the Outsiders group Good Art remains good and the fights here and really brutal A two page I love is when Gracie finds the slave owner, oh man it s great The flow of this volume is the best so far, giving us interesting plotlines over and over again Roy and Nightwing relationship breaking, the love relationships growing, the slave storyline, the traitor, the liar who s been giving info, all comes together here with a nice...

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    Outsiders Wanted was pretty much the high water mark for Judd Winick s run on the title Judd s focus was on the members of the team that are personal favorites of mine and there were couple of pretty cool moments Winick delves deeper into the relationship between Nightwing and Arsenal and there are interesting similarities to that of their mentors Although they seem to interact like brothers And by that I mean they beat each other s asses Nightwing has continued to be distant from the rest of the team since Donna Troy s death and this scrap was bound to happen at some point Grayson also returns home to confront Bats about his involvement in the Outsiders and is in for a surprise.I liked the attempt at giving Grace a little back story Her origin remains a mystery at this point and these are some of the first hints as to what she has gone through prior to the series I thought the Americas Most Wanted angle was a little weird and the way they tied Arsenal s daughter into that part of the story was a somewhat forced, but it wasn t a deal breaker I love what a fuckin bad ass Grace is here though She s a like a redneck looking to throw down at a country bar on a Saturday night And when something finally does flip her switch, she is stone cold The bloody battering she gives to...

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    I felt a little luke warm about some things in this volume, but there were also a lot of positives.The positives we really got to see Dick hitting his hardest both physically and psychologically and directed at Roy no less It...

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    Upset But I ll be okay let s talk about this It was a great volume SO much happens though It s intense and dark There is an arc over three issues dealing with children being kidnapped and trafficked It was disturbing and really fucked up I was not prepared It was handled well, though Really can t bel...

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    Very much a volume of two speeds and voices part of it is the familiar ground of heroics and bright colours, bravery with a quip and ongoing storylines that are neatly tied into wider events happening in the DC universe at the timeThe other part is far somber, dealing with child abduction and paedophilia and the colours and art are far murkier and impressionistic for this part Its uncomfortable reading, but I didn t find it sensationalistic or insulting indeed i...

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    The art style just really ticked me off Grace went from being badass muscled bodybuilder to wasp waisted big boobed thong lady Why And admittedly the storyline was not that good either Just as I was starting to have high hopes

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    And here s where everything hits the fan The previous two volumes were fun, fast paced action, but here all of the sparse character moments of those books finally come together to reveal their greater significance This volume is heavily character based, which is a welcome change of pace, and twist after twist is launched at the reader A wonderful centerpiece to this era of the Outsiders The art also changes here, from the realistic style of previous volumes to stylized, angular pencils with flatter coloring It s a great match for this book and works for different reasons than the realistic style did, but it absolutely still works The two major downsides here are the potential cheesiness of having John Walsh and America s Most Wanted appear , which I thought was unnecessary but used well enough, and the fact that the major reveal of the nature behind the past missions ties into Villains United and doesn ...

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