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Unforesseen (Beyond Orion, #1) Robert Macomber Never Thought That He D Find A Mate Among The Men Of Earth Rick Murphy Never Thought He D Risk His Career To Give Into His Desire For A Man They Were Both Wrong Mac Is Brought In As A Profiler On A Case That Rocks Him To His Core A Young Man Is Brutally Slain In The Ritualistic Style Of The Execution Of Gay Men On His Home Planet Of Odio On The Scene Of That Horrific Death, Mac Is Shocked To Meet His Mate Rick Rick Murphy Has A Secret Of His Own As A Human Lie Detector, He Learns That Mac Is Not Revealing Everything He Knows About The Case He Has No Idea Of The Secrets Mac Is Really Hiding He Has No Idea That He Is Going To Learn A Truth That Would Shake His Ideas About Himself And The World He Has No Idea That The Truth Could Just Cost Him His Life.

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    A very interesting take on the alien human lover trope Mac and his men escaped from their planet to Earth five years ago in order to have the freedom to love who they want Because their species have advanced abilities plus a second form, if two men mate they each gain the others power in addition to their own Their government feared these men would eventually take over, so two men mating is illegal, and if caught they are killed.After five years Mac doesn t think he, or any of his men, will be able to find mates within the human population Not until he meets Rick, anyway I liked this beginning to a new series I would have enjoyed background and maybe not so much insta sex for a guy who adamantly...

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    3.75 stars

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    Absolutely loved the author s writing and loveddd the story Looking forward to read about the rest in Mac s Team

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    A good book.A good book.a good book for light reading wish it was a little longer.look forward to reading about the rest of the men of orion

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    I rather enjoyed this story and was a bit disappointed to find there are no others in the series yet Looks like the series could be really interesting.

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