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The End of the Zodiac Mystery The Most Dangerous Animal Of All Was Co Written By The Estranged Son Of California S Infamous Zodiac Killer To Reveal His Father S True Identity When The Book Hit The Streets The Skeptics Were In Full Force Just Like Those Who Mocked The Boy Who Cried Wolf, No One Could Blame Them Too Many People Had Already Claimed To Either Be The Killer Or To Know Who He Really Was.The Problem Is The Skeptics Weren T Considering The Handwriting Comparisons Skillfully Performed By Document Examiner, Michael Wakshull, To Finally Crack The Case The End Of The Zodiac Mystery Will Enable You To Reach Your Own Conclusion Whether This Decades Long Cold Case Has Finally Been Solved In It, Wakshull Walks You Step By Step Through His Intriguing Forensic Analysis, Revealing The Methodology He Used To Solve The Case Other Document Examiners Refused To Accept.There Is A Twist To Every Story, And His Methodology Required A Twist, Too, In Order To Ensure A Credible Conclusion.Where The Most Dangerous Animal Of All Leaves Off, The End Of The Zodiac Mystery Picks Up, Sharing Actual Handwriting Comparisons Between Earl Van Best Jr And The Self Named Zodiac Killer It Is Virtually Certain The Documents Were Written By The Same Man.If You Like Surprise Endings, Don T Start Reading From The Back Of The Book Save The Thrill In The Epilogue For The End

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    Interesting, but a bit too brief What is here is valuable, but I wish there were of it Wakshull bases his accusations on the analysis of less than a sentence s worth of handwriting gathered from the suspect, Earl Van Best Jr I understand that his known handwriting is limited, but surely, thorough investigation could have brought further samples forward for examination Letters Best wrote to friends Reports filed at work The author also does not take into consideration the emotional state of the Zodiac while writing his letters, which plays a crucial role in the shaping of handwriting If, for instance, the Zodiac were frenzied while writing the letters, his writing would have looked very different than while he were calm, or elated, or furious Moreover, Wakshull fails to recognize the possibility that the Zodiac killings were completed by a pair or group of people wherein the author of the letters and the killer himself may have been entirely ...

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