Reading ➿ Astérix et le chaudron (Astérix, #13) Author René Goscinny –

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Reading ➿ Astérix et le chaudron (Astérix, #13) Author René Goscinny –
  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages
  • Astérix et le chaudron (Astérix, #13)
  • René Goscinny
  • 13 September 2018
  • 9788421689592

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    Asterix le Chaudron Asterix and the Cauldron Asterix, 13 , Ren GoscinnyAsterix and the Cauldron Asterix va deeg che is the thirteenth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Ren Goscinny stories , and Albert Uder...

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    DISCLAIMER I grew up on Asterix, in the 80s, and in fact, I think my love of puns came from these books, and my understanding of that form of humour They were my dad s books, and I remember when the new Asterix came out in Canada, getting it for him as a present, and it was a HUGE dealthis was the late 80s, and Albert Uderzo was still alive.Lucky 13A great place to start, from the ones in stock at my local.I ve read each of the books tons of times, but this one was always missing pages when I was a kid, so it was always kinda exciting to get the full story from some Asterix I missed as a kid.The little Gaulish village is visited by fellow Gauls, led by Chief Whosmoralsarelastix Who s morals are elastic or lacking I suppose who wants Vitalstatistix and the gang to watch a Cauldron full of money sestertii so the Roman taxman won t take it He tells them he had to put it in the only thing he could find a Cauldron full of onion soup , hence the smell of the money, and Obelix being dumbfounded that anyone would waste a pot of soup for something as silly as money.Asterix is tasked with guarding the money, but it is stolen in the night, so Asterix is banished by the village council until he can return with money to replace what was lost Of course Obelix thinks they re all off their rockers for sending Asterix anywhere alone, and he goes off after him.The re...

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    Non oletIch habe mich beim Lesen gefragt, was eigentlich den Stil von Uderzo ausmacht Bei einer Reihe, die man seit man denken kann kennt, stellt man sich solche Fragen selten, seltsamerweise Bei Franquin liebe ich seine Schn rkel und Schnurren, bei Herg seine klare Linie, bei Morris die Farbspiele und manchmal experimentellen Perspektiven Uderzo dagegen setzt voll auf Details, und er hat einen unglaublich kontrollierten, dabei gleichzeitig schwungvollen Strich Bei Uderzo findet man keine einzige, sei es noch so kleine, falsche Linie oder sonst einen Fehler in seinen Zeichnungen Er hat das ideale Gleichgewicht zwischen Schwung und Definiertheit gefunden, in einer Perfektion, wie es kein zweiter Zeichner der frankobelgischen BDs je hatte.Genug davon ich rgere mich immer noch ber das Tribunal, das Asterix ber sich ergehen lassen muss Wie oft hat er dem Dorf und seinen Bewohnern den Kragen gerettet Und nun werfen sie ihn w...

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    S per bir Asteriks maceras Kendisine emanet edilen bir kazan dolusu alt n ald ran Asteriks, hem kendinin hem de k y n n onurunu kurtarmak ve alt ndalar geri getirmek i in yollara d er olaylar geli ir.

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    In this thirteenth adventure of the unbeatable duo, Chief Vitalstatistix agrees to help a fellow Gaulish chief, Whosmoralsarelastix, by keeping his cauldron of money safe so that it wouldn t be grabbed by the Romans Asterix offers to keep guard, but when the cauldron disappears, he vows to leave the village and never return until he can bring back the money Obelix and Dogmatix obviously follow him into the adventure.For the first time, Asterix and Obelix try to earn money, often with hilarious results Of course, the Romans need some bashing up from time to time, though not too many of them in this comic The climax comes when Asterix discovers the deception of Moralsarelastix tell me you didn t see that coming, with that name The duo can now return home safely.The rest of the villagers don t play such a big part in the book, so might not appeal to all readers Also, fewer Romans in this one But it is still very funny, especially the parts where the trio...

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    A throwback to old times along with watching the live actions which is kooky and corny in its own ways I thought I d go and read a book from one of my childhood favourite series.

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    Actual rating 3.25

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    Great fun, of course, with a good running joke about onions, among others.

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    129 2019 RCGenre Graphic Novel

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