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Dreams from the Monster Factory: A Tale of Prison, Redemption, and One Woman's Fight to Restore Justice to AllDreams From The Monster Factory Tells The True Story Of Sunny Schwartz S Extraordinary Work In The Criminal Justice System And How Her Profound Belief In People S Ability To Change Is Transforming The San Francisco Jails And The Criminals Incarcerated There With An Immediacy Made Possible By A Twenty Seven Year Career, Schwartz Immerses The Reader In The Troubling And Complex Realities Of U.S Jails, The Monster Factories Places That Foster Violence, Rage And, Ultimately, Better Criminals But By Working In The Monster Factories, Schwartz Also Discovered Her Dream Of A Criminal Justice System That Empowers Victims And Reforms CriminalsCharismatic And Deeply Compassionate, Sunny Schwartz Grew Up On Chicago S South Side In The 1960s She Fought With Her Family, Struggled Through School And Floundered As She Tried To Make Something Of Herself Bucking Expectations Of Failure, She Applied To A Law School That Didn T Require A College Degree, Passed The Bar And Began Her Life S Work In The Criminal Justice System Eventually She Grew Disheartened By The Broken, Inflexible System, But Instead Of Quitting, She Reinvented It, Making Jail A Place That Could Change People For The BetterIn 1997, Sunny Launched The Resolve To Stop The Violence Project RSVP , A Groundbreaking Program For The San Francisco Sheriff S Department RSVP, Which Has Cut Recidivism For Violent Rearrests By Up To 80 Percent, Brings Together Victims And Offenders In A Unique Correctional Program That Empowers Victims And Requires Offenders To Take True Responsibility For Their Actions And Eliminate Their Violent BehaviorSunny Schwartz S Faith In Humanity, Her Compassion And Her Vision Are Inspiring In Dreams From The Monster Factory She Goes Beyond Statistics And Sensational Portrayals Of Prison Life To Offer An Intimate, Harrowing And Revelatory Chronicle Of Crime, Punishment And, Ultimately, Redemption.

!!> EPUB ✾ Dreams from the Monster Factory: A Tale of Prison, Redemption, and One Woman's Fight to Restore Justice to All ✹ Author Sunny Schwartz – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Dreams from the Monster Factory: A Tale of Prison, Redemption, and One Woman's Fight to Restore Justice to All
  • Sunny Schwartz
  • English
  • 21 July 2017
  • 9781416569817

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    Dreams from the Monster Factory is a lively, interesting, captivating book that I couldn t put down Sunny Schwartz has a lot of revolutionary ideas about men, violence, and crime.So why only two stars Though I understand referring to prisons as monster factories, Sunny refers to imprisoned people as monsters outside of that phrase quite often There s a clear personal struggle in the book, in which the author grapples with her perceptions of the inmates she works with, but I don t feel like she went far enough She paints herself as something of a flawed hero, with references to her own raging temper and fucked up interpersonal relationships she alludes to this being problematic and verging on violence, but what she describes is actually her being verbally and emotionally abusive to her girlfriends There are a few moments when she almost connects and puts herself squarely inside the continuum of violence but not quite.Mostly, the problem I had with the book and the author s treatment of the inmates is that there is a good amount of underlying prejudice against some of the inmates, particular sex offenders and trans women Schwartz is entirely unapologetic about the vitriol she hurls in the direction of both of these types of offenders, and she seems to smear them together, which is really troubling Early in the book there is a chapter about her experience in the Queen Tank, where trans women and sex offenders are kept because having them in the general population exposes them to violence She derisively mocks the trans women, misgendering them and referring to them as pre ops and she males This spewing of hateful language continues even after one of the trans women defends Schwartz by beating down a guy who tried to attack the author Schwartz persists is writing about the trans women with dehumanizing and mocking language after this incident Just awful stuff.So, although I totally buy into the notion that restorative justice and anti violence work with inmates is powerful stuff, I found the personal transformation that the author claims to be lacking.

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    The author, a criminal defense attorney turned prisoner activist, talks about her rough childhood, her unlikely success in law school, and her 25 year work in building truly rehabilitative, not punitive, prisons Her program, the Resolve to Stop the Violence Project, uses vocational classes but also group meetings in which violent inmates confront their feelings and actions, and use jargon such as can I get an agreement on or this feeling is deadly peril to control their feelings of anger Most importantly, the inmates, while acknowledging bad circumstances, focus blame on their own choices.It may sound like New Age window dressing, but the good results have been documented, and anything is better than the sick gladiator school, or monster factories, that US prisons are now The book s writing style is breezy and light, and Schwartz s passion for her work comes through It s a compelling and admirable book, and ought to be required reading for all those who work with criminals.

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    This was one of the better books I ve read in the past year, and one of my favorite memoirs ever Sunny Schwartz has spent her career in the San Francisco criminal justice system and helped create a program for violent offenders that really gets to the core causes of their acts, and was proven to decrease repeat offenses Schwartz has selected great anecdotes from her childhood, her education and her work that make this a compelling read And it s hard not to be impressed by the overall story of hope and redemption and accountability.

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    powerful message about dealing with anger and changing the way we think about our justice system.

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    Sunny Schwartz grew up in a working class Jewish family on the South Side of Chicago Her family was ruled by her father s rages, Schwartz barely skated through school, and bailed as soon as she could Skipping college, she was accepted to New College s Law School in San Francisco became a lawyer It was while she was in school that she first became involved with prisoners in the San Francisco County Jails, working as a volunteer prisoner advocate After passing the bar, she worked briefly in a law firm, but felt like she was spinning her wheels, not helping anyone When she was recruited to come back to the jails to be in charge of programs for the prisoners, she cautiously agreed After years of frustrating work, seeing the same prisoners over and over again, Schwartz was open to something new When she learned about the concept of restorative justice at a conference, she came home convinced that this was what they needed to do they needed to find the remaining shred of compassion in these prisoners, teach them how to break the cycle of violence in their lives, take responsibility for their acts, and teach them to give back to the communities they had damaged San Francisco s Sheriff Hennessey reluctantly agreed to try what he considered to be a dangerous program She would take a large group of violent prisoners, put them in a dormitory setting, rather than into individual cells, and have them working both on their issues around violence, and in educational programs that would give them a better chance once they hit the streets again Everyone was terrified of a riot But the program worked The rates of recidivism dropped dramatically among the men going through the program, and those who did come back were much less likely to have committed another violent crime.

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    An eye opening glimpse into the American prison system Written by a lawyer and coordinator of a prison programs group, Schwartz describes her initial meetings with violent offenders and her motivations behind changing the system In addition to improving the lives of prisoners, the programs attempt to reduce the high recidivism rate with great success This, in turn, benefits all of society including the ex cons new neighbours and taxpayers who have fewer repeat offenders to support.

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    Schwartz tells a candid, no nonsense story about how she came to work with violent men behind bars, and how she challenged both these men and their captors to be better human beings In recounting misfortunes, mistakes, mixed motives, and victories, Schwartz is as tough and loving with herself as she is with her family, colleagues, adversaries, and clients students Thus her narrative embodies the restorative justice mindset she s brought to SF jails.

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    A thoughtful memoir of a career in restorative justice, woven with Schwartz s own family experience The concepts behind Schwartz s program to rehabilitate violent offenders are nothing new, but her ability to execute it is impressive.

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    Sunny Schwartz grew up in a rough and tumble Jewish family in Chicago, escaping both her warehouse style special ed classroom and her truant officer by ditching school in favor of watching the Cubs at Wrigley Field Perhaps, then, no one was suprised than those who knew her as a child when she went on to practice law in California where her readiness to confront any conflict head on was a help rather than a barrier to success In fact, within a few decades Sunny succeeded in building a model prison program that worked with the most hardened of the violent offenders in the state s system, producing an impressive drop in recidivism and an astounding reduction in repeat violence Many Americans are quick to say that they don t want programs in prisons they want prison to be such a terrible experience that incarcerated people, once freed, will do anything to avoid going back Unfortunately, the numbers have proved this idea an utter failure Warehousing human beings serving hard time especially while calmly accepting prison violence creates such seething personalities that, once released, far too many prisoners simply escalate their crimes before returning to prison for still harsher sentences The effect is so pronounced that Sunny calls such prisons monster factories Borrowing the expertise of leaders from a wide variety of fields, Sunny and her coworkers were able to build something new a prison in which violent offenders acquired job and life skills, and most unusually, confronted the shame and hatred that led them to commit violence in the first place The program created ways in which prisoners were held accountable for their actions, past and present, with no room for excuses I was hurt as a child, I was programmed to think that way, She disrespected me, and a thousand other excuses were set aside in favor of a simple recognition I chose to be violent With that recognition, and the feedback and support of intensive group treatment, violent offenders who participated in the program for sufficient time were returned to the community as self supporting taxpayers who no longer resorted to violence including verbal and psychological violence The numbers weren t perfect, and a few truly mentally ill sociopaths needed to be sent to a psychiatric facility because they really weren t capable of the kind of change the program required but the majority were able to become contributors to society upon their release, rather than draining it.This is unusual in the United States, where we have 5% of the world s population but 25% of its prisoners, where 1 in every 31 adults is behind bars or under some kind of court supervision such as parole or probation , where most offenders commit repeat crimes even after being caught and punished It s clear that we have a crisis situation, and Sunny s book offers one possibility already being duplicated elsewhere for making real change.I was also struck, while reading this, of the links to Quaker history A few centuries ago, Quakers were the first to challenge the idea of tossing people in jail and throwing away the keys, creating the first penitentiaries with the hope that prisoners could, through introspection and humane treatment, come to regret their crimes and decide to participate in society appropriately Unfortunately, such early programs suffered from a lack of understanding of human psychology and the infancy of research in this field, and weren t as successful as what can be done now They initiated the challenge to create change, however, that has now been taken up by people like Sunny Schwartz I m impressed enough by what s being done that I think I m going to donate this book to my Quaker meeting s library.One note The cover looks like a poster for a horror movie, which completely turned me off, but the mood in the opening pages is hopeful rather than disturbing, and the rest of the book is full of thought provoking ideas Slip a bookcover on it and enjoy a great story, well told and eye opening.

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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars A true heroine, March 17, 2009In one of his interviews after landing Flight 1549 safely on the Hudson, Captain Sullenberger said that he didn t consider himself a hero because he didn t choose to be in that situation he was simply doing his job He humbly pointed to all the unsung heroes our teachers, nurses, and many other unglamorous professionals who should get credit for the dedicated work they do every day, giving of themselves so that others can thrive.There is no one deserving of Sully s definition of a hero ine than Sunny Schwartz While our natural instincts tell most of us to stay as far away as possible from murderers, rapists, or gangbangers, Ms Schwartz has dedicated her life to confronting the dark shadow of our society we d all rather forget about While no one would blame her if she just punched her time card and lived for retirement, this remarkable woman embarked on a journey into the belly of the beast over twenty years ago to get to the root of a vicious criminal cycle, and by sheer persistence and relentless compassion unearthed the deeper causes of human suffering.Like the old story about the Buddhist monk who tells his disciples that the way to tame the barking dogs is to run toward them, this is a story about deep healing through confronting our demons By acknowledging that we are not separate and that in fact the most hardened criminals are human beings, and thus, a part of all of us, her RSVP program opens up the possibility for healing in a system set up for retribution.What makes Dreams from the Monster Factory so powerful is that it isn t an academic exercise but a deeply authentic personal account The author s memories of growing up in a rough neighborhood on Chicago s South Side explain her own psychological bruises and invite the reader to go on a journey with her, rather than just taking a fleeting glance at prison life through a peep hole But somehow her energy and sense of mission feel deeper than even childhood wounds If you re comfortable with the idea of reincarnation, you wouldn t hesitate to place the author on the other side of the iron gate in a past life, seeing a part of herself through the bars in her current lifetime.Aside from the transformational quality of the story, it is really well written, so kudos also to her co author David Boodell A fiction writer would have a hard time coming up with a spellbinding, soul tickling story, and I ate it up in one sitting Ultimately though, this story is not just about Sunny Schwartz, the criminal justice system, or the particular characters in the book, but a reminder to all of us that in order to find love and forgiveness we cannot lock away anyone s wounded heart, including our own.

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