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The Paper & Hearts SocietyA Brand New Series From Booktuber Lucy Powrie About What Happens When You Give Up On Trying To Fit In And Let Your Weird Out It S Time To Join The Paper Hearts Society Tabby Brown Is Tired Of Trying To Fit In She Doesn T Want To Go To Parties In Fact, She Would Much Rather Snuggle Up On The Sofa With Her Favourite Book.It S Like She Hasn T Found Her People Then Tabby Joins A Club That Promises To Celebrate Books What Could Go Wrong EVERYTHING Especially When Making New Friends Brings Out An AWKWARD BUZZING Feeling All Over Her Body.But Olivia, Cassie, Henry And Ed Have Something That Makes Tabby Come Back Maybe It S The Austen Themed Fancy Dress Parties, Or Ed S Fluffy Cat Mrs Simpkins, Or Could It Be Henry Himself Can Tabby Let Her Weird Out AND Live THE BEST BOOKISH LIFE POSSIBLE Perfect For Fans Of Holly Smale And Super Awkward.

[EPUB] ✷ The Paper & Hearts Society ✼ Lucy Powrie – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 355 pages
  • The Paper & Hearts Society
  • Lucy Powrie
  • English
  • 15 December 2017
  • 9781444949230

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    This is my book I wrote a book It s REAL The Paper Hearts Society is the first book in a new series for teenagers 11 about finding your people, not being afraid to be your true self, and speaking loud and proud about what you re passionate about It s about being bookish, understanding your mental health, and the effects social media can have on us, and it s the book of my heart.The main character is Tabby, who is fifteen years old and has just moved to a new town in the south of England, where she knows nobody and has to put up with her Gran, who loves OAP Zumba and using The Facebook When Tabby finds a leaflet for a book club run by teenagers at the local library, Gran convinces her to go along, but Tabby isn t sure What if they don t like her What if she makes a fool of herself Plus, she doesn t think she really needs any friends, not when Jess, a girl from her old school, won t leave her alone.But when she goes along to the first meeting of The Paper Hearts Society, Tabby is surprised Because there she meets Olivia, Cassie, Henry and Ed, four SUPER bookish teenagers who take her under their wing and teach Tabby how to live her best bookish life possible.The...

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    If you follow my reviews, you will know that I am not flippant when it comes to distributing 5 star reviews, but I absolutely LOVED Lucy s first book The Paper Hearts Society is just the perfect book for bookworms, and should be read by anyone and everyone who is not or is ashamed to be a bit of a book nerd The characters were complex and well developed, especially Cassie, and I fell in love with Olivia s charisma and energy Ed s sense of humour Tabby s prior experiences with bullying added an important layer to the novel, and I thought that the portrayal of such was well done I have read a lo...

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    This is such a sweet and joyful story about friendship and celebrating your passions especially if your passion is books It explores anxiety and bullying and has a couple of very cute romances too I can t wait to see of these characters in the sequel especially Ed He s my fave.

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    Gifted A heartwarming, uplifting look at the power of friendship and the dangers of bullying online Tabby stole my heart with her very realistic anxieties, worries and joy of books A UK based summer road trip book that will make you desperate to make a book club of your very own.

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    I was lucky enough to get an early read of this and let me tell you, it is PHENOMENAL.Lucy has created just the most adorable group of book nerds that you just cannot help but fall in love with instantly Tabby as a protagonist instantly gains our trust and empathy and we re rooting for her happiness from the get go The friendship between the characters grows so naturally you don t even notice, but you simultaneously feel as you yourself are a member of the Paper and Hearts Society The bookish feel in this is also A and I so loved all the bookish references.I have to give an enormous shout out to the anxiety rep in this book, which is frankly one of the best I ve ever seen Having dealt with anxiety, and the feeling of being other myself, I felt so SEEN by this book It made me tear up a little just at how accurate it was.One of my fave things though was that how within this group setting, each character manages to stand out as an individual, how they have their own storylines that you keep you intrigued just as much as their group adventure I m really looking forward to reading the following books in the series to get an insight into the other characters.I also have to mention how sort of TENSE it was The antagonist s thread just kept building and building until I literally couldn t bring...

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    4.5 I feel like this book was written for my 15 years self, who was bullied at school, who didn t yet know she was demisexual, who suffered from anxiety and depression alone, who only wished to have friends who would love to read as much as she did Lucy wrote ...

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    It is not often that a book makes me cry, and I didn t expect it of this one, but cry I did This book was so real and kept true to teenage life, the ups and the downs It captured me and brought me back to the times where I learnt to become who I am today It is very tough to be in your teen years, there is a lot going on, The Paper Hearts Society doesn t shy away from this Lucy doesn t try to glamorise the moments of our youth, she writes them as they are and creates believable and lovable, but importantly real characters.Tabby is the main character, entering into a circle of new friends when she joins The Paper Hearts Society book club She s nervous, she has anxiety and her self confidence is low Basically, she depicts exactly the feeling you get when you have to walk into a new group of people, most of whom are already friends, and say hello It is daunting and terrifying, it is also awkward, but that is okay, because it takes time for it to become normal I think Tabby was written extremel...

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    I was in a really bad reading slump at the beginning of the year You know, the kind where you watch Netflix, scroll through Twitter, or do nothing at all, instead of picking up a book Lucy kindly offered to send me her book, The Paper Hearts Society, to help and it wor...

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    This book has just blown me away in a matter of hours I went into it expecting a cute fluffy book themed contemporary, and yes it delivered that but with SO MUCH MORE.Tabby as a character is just so well written and honest I truly felt you could understand all of her reasoning and motives, even when they were to flawed Also the representation of Tabby s mental health was so so so well done She experiences anxiety often relating to her past ie the WORST person in the world and panic attacks, and the way in which the author shows her thought spirals is so brilliantly done and truly reminded me of my own head at times.Yes, I will admit the big dram...

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    5 Words Family, friendship, books, self discovery, bullying.This Book.I first read The Paper Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie back in April when BKMRK kindly sent me a review copy Then pretty much as soon as it was first spotted in the wild in June I read it again, this time armed with a pencil for underlining and annotations.As much as I loved Tabby, the main character, I related so much with Olivia that she is definitely my favourite It was astounding to see myself so clearly in a book, in a side character so fleshed out that they came to life I saw me I was represented It was a shock to me how much I felt seen.I think one of my favourite things about The Paper Hearts Society was how it was packed with a huge love for books I loved spotting books that I d read, bumping books up my existing TBR, and adding books I hadn t heard of Check back on Saturday for my own Paper Hearts Society summer reading list, inspired by the books that the characters discuss.I really liked the conflict in this ...

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