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Stealing Home Fight For Your Dreams, Even If It Means Breaking A Few RulesSeventeen Year Old Ryan Russell Has Life Perfectly Planned If She Keeps Up Her Hard Work, One Day She Ll Take Over The Family Business Owning The Buckley Beavers, A Minor League Baseball Team, And Become One Of The Only Female General Managers In The SportBut When The Newest Member Of The Beavers, Child Phenom Sawyer Campbell, Shows Up, Ryan S Carefully Laid Plans Are Thrown A Major Curveball Sawyer Is Far Charming Than The Arrogant Jocks She Usually Manages, His Ambition Rivals Her Own Workaholic Nature And He S Completely Out Of Bounds Fraternizing Is Against Every Rule In The Beaver S HandbookThen Ryan S Divorced Parents Butt Heads Over The Future Of The Beavers, And Her Mom Plans To Sell Her Shares To A Business Group Known For Relocating Teams If This Happens, Ryan S Dreams Of Becoming GM Disappear In A Bid To Save Her Future, She Partners With Sawyer To Use His Star Power To Draw In Sponsors Who Will Keep The Team In Buckley But The Time She Spends With Him, The Impossible It Becomes To Play By The Beaver S Rules, And She Can T Afford A Strikeout On The Path To Her DreamsFull Count With Two Outs, Ryan S One Pitch Away From Losing The Whole Ball Game

[Epub] ➤ Stealing Home  ➥ Becky  Wallace – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Stealing Home
  • Becky Wallace
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9781624147647

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    oh yeah i forgot i finished this this is a book about baseball, and i do truly hate baseball far and away my least favorite sport why is it so long justmake it shorter it s excessive anyway.the fact that baseball is my least favorite thing, ever, in the history of the world did not dissuade me from this book, though i like reading books about things i don t know about it s called LEARNING.the problems i had with this book were thus twofold i still don t know anything about baseball this didn t work for me outside of baseball related reasonsthe fact that i know no about baseball now is not due to it not having much baseball content in it it had a lot it just didn t explain any of it and i did not understand anything and i remain as confused and hateful as i was before.the other thing had a lot to do with the way this was structured the first 250 pages of this are incredibly slow, both in romance and in the whole let s save the baseball park plot that serves as the non romance storyline, and then suddenly everything happens at once in the remaining few dozen pages.also, the feelings and characters and actions in this could feel really cartoonish people cry all the time, for every reason no one can be attracted to each other without standing stock still and breathing hard with a racing heart and flushed cheeks etc etc etc the mom character exists only as a bundle of stereotypes and a few sobbing in the street scenes we get a handful of characters here, but they all feel really flat.our main gal, Ryan, is a 17 year old who spends 100% of her time violating child labor laws working at her dad s ballpark this job prevents her from Grand Romance, from being a good friend, from, like, doing anything else ever at the beginning of the book, her mom is like hey take it down a notch, kid live a little with which i agree and it kind of seems like the book is setting her up for that, but it isn t.in the end, Baseball Wins Baseball Is Most Important.i have to disagree.bottom line this wasn t for me, and it has nothing to do with baseball thanks again to Page Street for the ARC i, the world s most notorious baseball hater, am reading this book about baseball.wish me luck thanks to page street for the ARC

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    Rating 4.5 StarsAlthough I never played any sports ball, I LOVE sports romances, and therefore, had to have this book as soon as I heard about it But, Stealing Home was not your typical sports romance This was about having a dream, and doing everything you could to make it happen Sawyer was the number one draft pick for the Buckley Beavers, the minor league team for the Texas Rangers He hoped to make it to the majors, and earn enough money to help save his family s farm Ryan also hoped to make a life in baseball She wanted to be the first female general manager in the sport However, when Sawyer and Ryan s aspirations were threatened, the two were able to work together to try and save both their dreams.Ryan was incredible She was so focused and driven, almost to a fault, but I admired her for it You could tell how much she loved the game, her dad, and the Buckley Beavers I found all the behind the scenes stuff really interesting, and absolutely loved all her planning and plotting to save the business.Sawyer was also fabulous He was a baseball playing southern farm boy with a drawl Be still my heart He was so sweet and endearing, and his love for his family just made me adore him I absolutely had no problem rooting for these two.The romance was of the slow burn variety, but not really by choice Sawyer and Ryan had to fight their growing attraction, because of the non fraternization policy, and, well, that resulted in some serious tension It didn t stop the two from developing a fond friendship, though, and being there for each other when they really needed someone in their court Still, I was 100% behind them making that love connection, because they were just perfectly matched This book was summer personified It was warm and sunny, light and easy It was like a glass of sweet tea on a hot day refreshing and satisfying, and it made me feel good ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

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    Stealing Home is a wonderful baseball story I found myself swept back to all those the warm summer nights of hanging out with friends and hoping for first love.

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    Utterly delightful STEALING HOME encompasses everything I love about contemporary YA romance savvy heroine, swoony love interest, snappy dialogue, and butterfly inducing chemistry while still feeling unexpected and fresh I was rooting for Ryan and Sawyer and the Buckley Beavers from the very first pitch Definitely check this one out when it releases this summer

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    this book is so cute and real and Sawyer is adorable I love him.super glad that i decided to read this before i head back to the battlefield medical school.highly recommend if you re looking for a heart warming novel that soothes the soul.

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    This was a quick, and fun read This is my first Becky Wallace book, and it certainly won t be my last Her writing style is both captivating and unique and really pulled me in, as a reader.Wallace s characters, Ryan and Sawyer were so awesome together The sweet chemistry that you instantly feel between their quirky characters is fantastic It s just enough to spark the romance between them, while not being crazy and wild Definitely what I like to see in a young adult read.Seeing Ryan and Sawyer work together to help Ryan s dreams come true was another refreshing point to the story I felt like I was right there with them, cheering from the side lines we call life.If you like a young adult read that has just the right combination of fast paced reading, gripping characters, and sparks of romance, then this is definitely a 4 star book you don t want to miss This baseball read has me ready for summer to come and another amazing book from this talented author Great job on hitting a home run with this fan, Ms Wallace I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.

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    ALL OF THE STARSThis was the sweet, summer romance I have been looking for Baseball, BBQ, and Boys What could a Southern girl want I cannot wait to write my review HUGE thanks to the publisher for sending an advance copy for my review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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    I had seen so many high reviews for this book and I loved the synopsis, so I was pretty eager to get into this one Sadly, it was a little disappointing for me I liked Ryan well enough She s smart and knows what she wants and how to go after it At the same time, she s quite neglectful of everything that s not baseball I get that she loves the team, but she openly admits to not being a good friend to Mia who might be the best part of the entire story Sawyer is respectful and sweet, but I didn t see the swoons Plot wise, it felt like a lot of repetition that went nowhere The build up between the non existent romance and the rush to save the team lacked tension I was expecting And it was a bit disappointing to see the relationship finally come to fruition with like 5 pages to go Overall, it was a quick and cute read, but lacked a spark I was hoping for I just didn t see the the same story everyone else did and it makes me sad Huge thanks to Page Street for providing the arc free of charge

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    HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A BOOK TO BE THIS PERFECT This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a Book Girl.I m going to try really hard to hold my composure throughout this review when really all I want to do is type in all caps and scream yell talk very loudly and passionately how much I loved this book.Y all, I ve been waiting for this book since reading Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross five years ago There s just something about baseball romances that get my heart and oh my goodness Becky Wallace does not disappoint Stealing Home is everything you could possibly want in a contemporary novel a strong female protagonist, swoony love interest, supportive best friend, summer vibes, perfect writing, and baseball.Wallace s characters were life like and incredible It felt like these could have been the people running my local minor league baseball team I adored the best friend relationship between Ryan and Mia Too often we see girls pitted against each other in pointless battles, but these two were really there for each other through thick and thin and wanted nothing than to support the other.The chemistry between Ryan and Sawyer was to die for I couldn t get enough of their slow burn relationship Seriously.all the heart eye emojis for these two Something I was especially thankful for though was even though Ryan was falling head over heels for Sawyer, she didn t change who she was for him or give up her dreams Throughout the entire book she consistently put herself first and made sure she was making the decisions that were best for her in the long run It made me want to give her a huge hug and tell her how amazing she was doing.Stealing Home wrapped its fingers around me and refused to let go from the very first chapter Becky Wallace s writing style is light and breezy which kept me turning pages long into the night, but still emotional and heartfelt enough to make me empathize with the characters and worry about them Even if sports aren t necessarily your thing, Stealing Home is one you are going to want to read.TL DR Stealing Home is everything you could possibly want in a contemporary novel a strong female protagonist, swoony love interest, supportive best friend, summer vibes, perfect writing, and baseball.

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    As a girl who loves contemporary novels, baseball, and YA this was the perfect book for me.I absolutely love it when books make me happy, and this one left me with a big goofy grin the entire time I was reading it Whenever I wasn t reading it, I couldn t stop thinking about how much I wish I could have been reading it I was hooked immediately and I completely fell in love with the story.It was such a sweet story about fighting for what you want, friendships, relationship jitters, and family When I reached the end I was left with this big fuzzy ball of happiness inside my chest.I will love this book and reread it many times for the rest of my life.

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