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Quiet Man (Dream Man, #4.5) From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Ashley Comes A New Story In Her Dream Man Series Charlotte Lottie McAlister Is In The Zone She S Ready To Take On The Next Chapter Of Her Life, And Since She Doesn T Have A Man, She Ll Do What She S Done All Along She Ll Take Care Of Business On Her Own Even If That Business Means Starting A Family The Problem Is, Lottie Has A Stalker The Really Bad Kind The Kind That Means She Needs A Bodyguard Enter Mo Morrison Enormous Scary Quiet Mo Doesn T Say Much, And Lottie S Used To Getting Attention And She Wants Mo S Attention Badly But Mo Has A Strict Rule If He S Guarding Your Body, That S All He S Doing With It However, The Longer Mo Has To Keep Lottie Safe, The Faster He Falls For The Beautiful Blonde Who Has It So Together, She Might Even Be Able To Tackle The Demons He S Got In His Head That Just Won T Die But In The End, Lottie And Mo Don T Only Have To Find Some Way To Keep Hands Off Until The Threat Is Over, They Have To Negotiate The Overprotective Hot Bunch, Lottie S Crazy Stepdad, Tex, Mo S Crew Of Frat Boy Commandos, Not To Mention His Nutty Sisters All Before Lottie Finally Gets Her Dream Man And Mo Can Lay Claim To His Dream Girl Every Dark Nights Novella Is A Standalone Story For New Readers, It S An Introduction To An Author S World And For Fans, It S A Bonus Book In The Author S Series We Hope You Ll Enjoy Each One As Much As We Do

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    4 stars What do you get when you combine Kristen Ashley s Dream Man series with her Rock Chick series This book and I loved it Quiet Man is a novella from KA, but it s as long as most of the books I read about half the size of a lot of KA s books Charlotte Lottie McAlister is the sister of Jet Chavez Rock Chick and she s got a stalker at work Smithie, her boss and friend, is concerned and hires one of Hawk s guys to play bodyguard till they can catch the creep Mo Morrison is a commando and the guy put on Lottie 24 7 He usually has no issues with his jobs, he s a professional, but being Lottie s bodyguard is difficult Charlotte McAlister was a class act Funny Smart Talented Thoughtful Together Professional And sexy AF Yeah This job was totally going to be torture These two have it bad for each other, but there in a place where they can t act on it Not while Mo is body guarding her and the perp is still out on the loose But once they catch him all bets are off This book gave me all the feels from the OG Kristen Ashley books I loved the relationship between Mo and Lottie It was the perfect dream man dream woman paring Lottie is a strong and independent woman and exactly what Mo needs Mo is the strong and silent type, a huge guy, but has a heart of gold I loved them together so much Not only them, but getting to see all of my favorite characters was so great And not only that, but meeting Mo s friends and family I m gonna need some books about these new commandos If you re looking for a great romance with fantastic characters, this is the book for you And if you re like me and have read all the Rock Chick Dream Man books, you re in for a real treat

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    Wowthis was way better than I expected it to be I am so happy Lottie finally found her own dream man she couldn t have made a better catch Same goes for Mo he really hit the jack pot with Lottie even I have a bit of a girl crush going on Now I am not a huge fan of short stories, because I always feel things move too fast in them But I had to read Lottie s story That said, I can t give it a full five stars, because the full novels in the Rock Chick series are just a bit better because they are fleshed out At least that s how I feel about it So I am going with 4,5 stars because I did have an awesome time reading this one and I can t wait for the new spin off Fuller review to come soon An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

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    FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author QUIET MAN is categorized as a novella in the Dream Man series but seemed to be of an installment of the Rock Chick series instead I ve never read any of the Rock Chick books but I m sure die hard KA fans will be excited for the chance to spend time with these particular characters While I liked the Hero and Heroine, I felt the plot could have been better There was little to no angst and hardly any action I m used to a lot of danger and jam packed action in the Dream Man series and this book was highly lacking in both categories We get the signature over the top Alpha Male KA Hero in Mo Morrison and an endearing Heroine in Lottie McAllister Once Mo and Lottie were able to pursue their attraction for each other, the steam level is off the charts HOT, but their insta love romance made this just an ok story instead of a five star winner for me.Lottie is one of the highest paid strippers in a local gentleman s club who s caught the attention of a psychopath After her boss receives a disturbing letter from the crazed stalker, he hires Hawk Delgado and his team to protect his number one asset Mo is the strong and sexy silent type alpha who is assigned as Lottie s 24 7 bodyguard They spend every waking moment together for two weeks while Mo and Hawk s team try to find out who is after Lottie The majority of the story is spent on Mo trying to keep things professional while he is responsible for protecting Lottie While I found the plot to be luke warm, I was thoroughly entertained by all the steamy scenes Here are my overall ratings Hero 4Heroine 4Plot 2.5Angst 2Steam 5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 QUIET MAN releases on August 13th.

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    Eeeek..Mo one of Hawk Delgado s commandos and Lottie s RC Jet s sister are hooking up and getting a book I must have missed the memo on this one Can t wait

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    3 4 STARS 3I enjoyed Quiet Man a lot, Lottie and Mo stole my heart You can t imagine how excited I was when I find this one on my kindle and what I loved that it was a longer novella Lottie is a fantastic heroine and I m happy that she found her dream man.Lottie and Mo s romance is sexy and fun.I loved the banter between these two.

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    4 Dream Man Dream Girl Stars ARC provided by the author via Ink Slinger PR in exchange for an honest review.If you are a fan of Kristen Ashley, I am sure you are familiar with her Dream Man series and her Rock Chick series Well, what happens when you mix these two worlds in a novella You get Quiet Man Ever since KA announced this short story, I wanted to get my hands on it so badly and now I can say I enjoyed every second of reading this piece of writing.So, Quiet Man, as I said, belongs in her Dream Man series but you ll find characters from her Rock Chick series too Mo Morrison is one of Hawk Delgado s commandos Mystery Man and Lottie McAlister is Jet s sister Rock Chick Rescue Lottie is a sassy and independent woman, working as a stripper and she wants from her life She is ready for the next step but she does not have a man But what she does have is a stalker Enter Mo He is supposed to be her shadow 24 7 and that becomes a problem because of the sexual tension and the instant connection between him and Lottie Has she finally found her dream man It was clear Lottie had claimed her man.The end.And he was that man I am a BIG fan of Kristen Ashley s Dream Man series I can t say much about her Rock Chick series because it s a long one and I only have read the first two books But what I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novella that crossovers these two worlds I loved Lottie and Mo together and how they put Lottie s safety first before actually starting their relationship But, oh boy. When that starts, their chemistry is combustible I also really loved catching up with some of my beloved KA characters and seeing this new couple get their HEA That was it.He was the one.I was his one.And both of us knew it Therefore, my rating for Quiet Man is 4 STARS because I found it to be a great addition to the series and I loved seeing this crew of characters all over again Also, of course, I enjoyed Mo and Lottie together, their connection and chemistry was on point I love me some KA alpha and sassy KA heroine If you like any of those two series by Kristen, I am sure you ll enjoy this novella CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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    I swore I was done with this author but I do love a quiet H.

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    I LOVE the DREAM MAN and ROCK CHICK series so much SO this is the best news ever My two favourite series colliding Best of both worlds I have high hopes.SO EXCITING

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    Kristen Ashley s 1001 Dark Nights novella, Quiet Man, is a delicious little union of the Rock Chicks and the Dream Men Mo is one of Hawk Delgado s commandos Lottie Mac is Jet McAllister Chavez s little sister and a stripper at Smithie s If none of that description made sense to you PICK UP THIS BOOK AND JOIN US because you need some KA in your life If that description just set off all kinds of familiar bells for you, PICK UP THIS BOOK AND WELCOME BACK into this addictively awesome world only Kristen Ashley can keep building on It feels so good to be back I seriously loved this story I love when KA takes characters we only thought we knew and thoroughly flashes out their personalities, their histories, their dreams I only thought I knew Lottie and what I thought she was was a flashy, flamboyant exotic dancer who was just as wild and unpredictable as the Rock Chicks Well what I got was a character who was much relatable, down to earth, sweet than anything I assumed before And her introduction to Mo, the course of events that follows, it all feels reminiscent of the way the Rock Chicks were claimed by the Hot Bunch but it s so not it s different, refreshing, unique, but familiar all at once I enjoyed it so so so much I was surprised with the length of this novella I expected something shorter and as I kept turning the pages and realized I had several hours to go, I couldn t have been thrilled to stay in this world that I love so much for as long as I could It s difficult to choose a favorite series by this author so nothing makes my heart explode than when KA brings them together, having characters interact and fall in love and chase criminals side by side that normally don t I love seeing all my favorites again, getting to see what they re up to in their lives now that s in been a few years since I read their stories And it was so perfectly done in Quiet Man Sometimes it can feel like too much, getting all these characters in the same room together, these large posses making cocktails and cheese boards, giving each other unsolicited romance advice That wasn t the case here Yes we see loads of old friends, but they come together for Lottie in the most perfectly authentic way and it gave me all the giddy feels Mo and Lottie are an interesting pair and the course of events surrounding their introduction is both familiar and altogether NEW Sure, it s insta love in the way Kristen Ashley always is but it feels like a slow burn the way they remain hands off for what feels like forever Mo, the quiet giant, is nothing like what I thought he d be and their story is a must Just delicious Sexy Hilarious Fun Like I said before, if you re a true rock chick, a loyal KA reader, you re going to really love going back to Denver with this crazy crew If you re still under that rock, come on out and read Quiet Man it s the perfect introduction to the magic that is Kristen Ashley and you ll be desperate to dive into all of her unforgettable series as soon as you finish

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