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Best Womens Erotica of the Year, Volume 5 In Best Women S Erotica Of The Year, Volume , Award Winning Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel Takes Readers On An Outrageous Journey Into The World Of Female Fantasy And Desire These Sexy Stories Offer Up Wild, Hot, And Steamy Tales From Today S Top Authors You Ll Be Swept Away By The Sexiest Business Deal Ever, Break The Rules In A Future World Where Skin On Skin Contact Is Forbidden, And Discover The Art Of Getting Off By Phone SexFrom Threesomes To Mermaid Sex, Fetishes, Sex Parties, And Much , These Authors Steam Up The Pages With Tales Of Trysts, Love, And Lust Where Nothing Is Held Back If You Re Looking To Escape From The Everyday And Discover What Happens When Women Are Ready To Get Totally Outrageous, This Book Is For YouWith New Stories By Beloved Authors Including Joanna Angel, Balli Kaur Jaswal, CD Reiss, Sierra Simone, And Sabrina Sol, Along With Newcomers To The Genre, You Ll Savor Every Sizzling Page

[Ebook] ↠ Best Womens Erotica of the Year, Volume 5  Author Rachel Kramer Bussel – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Best Womens Erotica of the Year, Volume 5
  • Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9781627782906

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    The best thing about this collection of stories is that it has a little bit of everything and is for everybody It s funny but my favourite stories were the less explicit and this is erotica I personally loved Anna s Hansen Broken thing fixed because it was just so heartwarming and it features second chance romances which is a trope that I love You could really feel the love between the 2 main leads.I also loved The summer of 1669 which is a story about two women, it has a bittersweet ending though Since this is a collection for everybody that also means that sometimes some stories aren t for you For example I don t like reading about BDSM D s or gang bangs they make me uncomfortable, not my kink so I DNF those stories And I have to say that some stories were well written than others, some were like porn than sensual and erotic Like the Volume 4, Best women s erotica as a whole is about consent, exploring ones desires and it s body positive , sexy, diverse and inclusive Also this is good place to start for non readers of the subgenre, you can read and discover which are the tropes topics that you enjoy .

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    A terrific collection of erotica from a woman s point of view Their is a little something for everyone and everyone s tastes An enjoyable read.

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    I really enjoyed this set of short stories There is definitely something for everyone From porn stars to mermaids yep, mermaids These authors bring you a range of erotica you didn t even know existed Sierra Simone s story was a stand out for me and I also loved the CD Reiss contribution One thing I love about these is the opportunity to find new to me authors to follow into other stories Will definitely keep an eye out for Volume 6.I received an arc of this book

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    In this Volume 5 of Rachel s continuing annual series of spectacular stories she has endeavored to find an array of new authors fresh with a different focus from the familiar veteran erotic writers we ve often enjoyed before Each years anxiously awaited collection just gets better and diverse until it becomes impossible to choose a favorite tale Rachel not only hits the mark, she raises the standard with each new book.1 TERMS Rubicon, the perfect beginning to a womens volume of erotica is a story of her sexual power to control subjugatete the male dominated world she lives in.2 JUST INAPPROPRIATE A tender tale of the mental intimacies so familiar in romantic seduction.3 AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT Has not everyone wondered what if Now that women have taken of their rightful balance in the power world of leadership what a single woman in control would be like, feel like, act like 4 OUTLAWS A beautifully written futuristic story of new found love in a world of forbidden, forgotten emotions.5 NYMPH SATYR An erotic sculptures exhibit inspires encounters of the same nature among both patrons and the guide a totally sensual artistic experience enjoyed by all6 AFTER MIDNIGHT The satisfaction of sharing mutual fantasies can make personal magic of your own.7 FROSTING This could easily be a wonderful porn movie script Ahhh, sweet surrender.8 DIRTY GIRLS ALWAYS GO TO HEAVEN Let s see how far we can take it you said9 IF THE OCEAN A beautiful tail of mermaid mating.10 SOMETHING NEW There is magic in exploring the differences in people thet seem the same Cheers to the trust involved in giving thanks for what you ve got and sharing it with others.11 THE SUMMER OF 1669 The soothing comfort of a kindred spirit can carry one through the most trying of lifes experiences and beyond.12 BROKEN THINGS FIXED To discover the ability to find eternal trust in another soul is true bliss.13 ONE INTERPERTATION Sensual seduction is an unrelenting mistress that knows no boundaries or modesty.14 PERIPHERIAL VISION Domination Submission in public.15 DANCING WITH MYSELF Artfully unfolded are the uninhibited feelings of the need to be watched, knowing how it inspires lust in others.16 VINTAGE TREASURES We never know what people leave behind until we find what of their past lives we might wish to carry into our future.17 SHEER PLEASURE Sometimes in some world, one size really does fit all.18 THE FIRST MOMENT I SAW YOU It s that playful element of eternal surprise that keeps the magic alive.19 THE KING S RETURN The awesome concurrent power of love, obsession, obedience and trust.20 ONE LAST GANG BANG Drowning in a sea of dick inspires the be all end all of gang bang scenes for this screen warrior queen porn addict.21 SPIN A unison cocoon

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    This is an anthology with bite sized erotic stories meant for women The stories are all very well written and there s a vast array of erotic tastes represented Which is perhaps the problem.I enjoyed less than half of the stories And some of them I found even nasty But I suppose that s the trouble with trying to please everyone In doing so, nobody gets what they want.I don t consider my taste in erotica to be vanilla But even so, there were several off putting stories From this collection, I ve learned that I don t like men wearing lingerie, I don t find lesbian encounters erotic TBH, I knew that already , I most definitely prefer both involved parties to be human, and I find absolutely no allure in so called slave master relationships Also, another discovery is that I actually found most stories that I did enjoy too short to be able to appreciate them fully Of course, this is a collection of short stories But still, there has to be enough build up and time for the reader to familiarise themselves with the characters before going wham bam It s a delicate balance that isn t easy to achieve There need to be a back story and some context, but just the right amount So, I m obviously not the target reader for this anthology But I find it hard to believe that any one person would enjoy the immense span of kinks represented in Best Women s Erotica of the Year, Volume 5 Either way, it s still without a doubt a high quality collection with quality writing and story telling For me, that elevates my grade to a solid three, even though content wise I would give it a two.https reflectionsofaswedishgirl.blo

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    This collection includes twenty one sensuous stories that include BDSM, toys, multiple partners, different sexual orientations, aerial sex, and historical, contemporary, and futuristic settings The variety makes this collection special Some of the characters are simply seeking pleasure, while others desire love and commitment My favorites are as follows At the Pleasure of the President by Sabrina Sol displays the needs of the first female president, which may jeopardize her reelection campaign The strong lead character drew me in Outlaws by Angel Leigh McCoy creates a futuristic world where release becomes a clinical and sterile undertaking, and the pleasures of humor touch is forbidden The science fiction elements and world building are fantastic In Nymph and Satyr by Justine Elyot, a woman finds inspiration and unlocks her sexual mojo in a sculpture garden I loved seeing a middle aged woman get her groove back The protagonist in After Midnight by Balli Kaur Jaswal is a former exotic dancer trying to transition into working as a phone sex operator The Indian culture makes this an exotic and rich read Frosting by Kathleen Delaney Adams involves a cupcake shop s potential new client, who puts all the workers to the test Watching the protagonist lose control of her business meeting makes for a sugary treat In Vintage Treasures by Angora Shade, new home owners put a box of goodies left from the previous owner to good use I loved the playfulness between the couple and their desire to spice up their marriage The range of this sensuous short stories collection ensures a sexy tale for every taste I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Thanks to the NetGalley and Cleis Press for providing an Advance Reader Copy.

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    Rating 3.5An eclectic mix of steamy stories Some I loved than others but there was lots to enjoy here.Some of my fave stories include Sabrina Sol s about a female president, who is also latinx seeking pleasure with someone close to her Interpretation about Stella Harris which was all about the sensuality of touch the last story in the anthology, f f with two circus performers Who covertly have some sexy fun while doing their routine for an audience the story with a fat non binary MC who has a shame kink i guess I loved this one because it s so important to see erotica that showcases a variety of identities, races and body type the story with the porn performer organizing a gang bang I loved the tongue in cheek voice of this MC but I was extremely iffy about her using the word Latino mutt to describe one of the guys who is noted as being Spanish and Colombian I have no clue if the author is Latinx but that came across as a poor phrasing choice in general And just a big no from me what I like overall was that the anthology has something for everyone Some stories being a lot steamier than others and while some stories may not appeal to everyone there were definitely some i just skimmed over or planned skipped because it just wasn t for me, like master slave dynamics are not my jam there is enough variety that there will be something readers will love for sure All in all this was a satisfying read for me.

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    Sometimes gripping, always steamy erotic short storiesThis is an Over The Top anthology of 21 erotic short stories, which encompass F M, F F, M M and All are explicit in details and short enough to read on lunch break or less time They also give the reader an opportunity to see if you like that author s writing style Here is a short synopsis Terms by Sierra Simone Sweet and steamy revenge on her 3 ex bossesJust Inappropriate by Alexa J Day Taboo imaginary situation At the Pleasure of the President by Sabrina Sol 1st woman Prez is boss to JackOutlaws by Angel Leigh McCoy Future where women use toys not men for satisfaction until Nymph Satyr by Justine Elyot Woman meets man in erotic statuary park HmmmAfter Midnight by Balli Kaur Jaswal Sex phone operator finds her satisfactionFrosting by Kathleen Delaney Adams Female debauchery in the kitchen Dirty Girls Always go to Heaven by Lee Minxton Kinky trans Not sureSpin by Lauren Emily this was the last one and so beautifully written F F love storyI could go on but you get the drift Hot as He stories with very satisfying endings I volunteered to review an ARC of this book through A Novel Take PR and it comes highly recommended for those, like me, who enjoy short stories and or erotica.

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    It s always hard to review an anthology, specially one with so many authors and stories as this one So I ll generalize a little to give an overall picture of what can be found in Best Women s Erotica of the Year, Volume 5.This was a really good anthology of erotic stories Some were really, really good Some were weird Some were meh But they all were steamy and hot, which is basically the point of erotica, so well done Most of the authors present here were unknown for me, and I want to keep reading the work of many because I really enjoyed their style.I m general, I can t complain about anything specific I liked the diversity of characters, plots and writing styles Consent is important, self acceptance is an explicit topic, and the exploration of the body, it s pleasure and it s limits is an added value.I totally recommend this bookARC gently provided by the publisher via Netgalley.

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    Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this collection in exchange for an honest review.Rachel Kramer Bussel the editor of Best Women s Erotica of the Year has chosen some hot and steamy pieces to round out this collection It has a little something for everyone Each short story is distinctly different from another Each covers one or aspects of female sexual desire This collection might not be for the faint of heart as it explores a variety of niches each piece allows individuals to explore their own sexual desires and journeys This collection allowed me to discover several new writers along the journey If you are looking for something hot and steamy this is the collection for you.

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