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Snow CrashEn El Futuro Cercano, Los Americanos S Lo Destacan Haciendo Cuatro Cosas M Sica, Pel Culas, Programas Y Repartir Pizza En Menos De Treinta Minutos En El Mundo Real, Hiro Protagonist Trabaja De Repartidor Para Pizzas Cosa Nostra Inc., Pero En El Metaverso Es Un Pr Ncipe Guerrero Y En El Metaverso Se Enfrenta Con Algo A N M S Terrible Que La Posibilidad De Llegar Tarde A Una Entrega El Enigma De Un Virus Que Amenaza Con Provocar El Infocalipsis.S Lo En Muy Contadas Ocasiones Aparece Un Escritor Que Desaf A Cualquier Tipo De Comparaci N Y Cuya Originalidad Es Capaz De Redefinir Nuestra Forma De Mirar El Mundo Neal Stephenson Es Uno De Estos Escritores, Y Snow Crash La Novela Con La Que Ha Revolucionado La Ciencia Ficci N Es Una Novela Generosa, Gil Y Tremendamente Divertida Que Gan De Inmediato El Car Cter De Libro De Culto En La Red Y Salt Inevitablemente A Las Listas De Best Sellers Snow Crash Es Un Fant Stico Torbellino Superrealista, Un Proyectil Comicogrotesco Disparatado Hacia Un Ma Ana Que Ya Est Ocurriendo Timothy Leary

[Download] ➽ Snow Crash By Neal Stephenson – Buyphenergan500.us
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Snow Crash
  • Neal Stephenson
  • Spanish
  • 07 December 2019
  • 9788493066352

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    Disliking this book seemed quite impossible After all, it had all the necessary ingredients the pervasive air of nerdy geekiness or, perhaps, geeky nerdiness , an unexpected take on linguistics, a kick ass female character, a parallel virtual reality, a hefty helping of admittedly, overexaggerated satire, and just enough wacky improbable worldbuilding to satisfy my book loving soul Or so it seemed.But awesome ingredients do not always add up to a satisfying dish as my horrible cook self knows much too well Remember Friends episode where Rachel tries to make English trifle for Thanksgiving desert, but because of a couple pages unfortunately sticking together ends up making half English trifle and half the shepherd s pie Joey was baffled that the rest of the gang found the dish unpalatable I mean, what s not to like Custard, good Jam, good Meat, good I did NOT come to this book with an open mind I came to it infinitely biased in its favor, ready to love it to pieces, prepared to find in it the same irresistible allure that so many of my Goodreads friends appreciated Alas, after the first few pages my good natured amusement gave way to irritated frustration, t...

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    Wow Wow, wow, wow I had thought that William Gibson s Neuromancer was the alpha male of the cyberpunk genre the template upon which all others would be drawn Turns out, Gibson was the prophet, but Stephenson was the barbarian, breaking ground with a riveting, relentless new age thriller Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is a wild trip A fun conglomerate of Hunter S Thompson, Philip K Dick, Anthony Burgess and John Brunner, written 8 years after Neuromancer and 19 years before Ready Player One this is a bright light on the cyberpunk literary landscape Set in a near alternative future, Stephenson introduces a world where governments have collapsed and societies are held loosely together by anarcho capitalism The book was nominated for a Prometheus Award but what could be a libertarian dream may also be seen as a laissez faire nightmare This is a blitzkrieg of ideas, a cacophony of sci fi, techno socio economic observations, a kaleidoscope of theological and philosophical concepts thrown together in a Mark Twainian fantasy hopped up on Red Bull and amphetamines Above all this is an intelligent, modern adventure tha...

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    Cyberpunk s next generation pretty much began here Written by someone who unlike William Gibson actually knows computers, this anime in novel form is one of those rare SF books that is read by many non SF readers On a personal note, this is probably the only book I ll ever read whose main character is half black and half Japanese, just like me When I first read it, I was working at a pizza place, just like the protagonist, and I actually got fired around the same time I got to the point of him losing his job as well Also, my first name is Hiroshi and he goes by Hiro Cool, huh OK, aside from those neat little coincidences, we are not at all alike It just made reading it all the fun for me Plus I hated that job.Admittedly, there are certain aspects of this book that are a tad dated now it was written in 1991 , and he can t quite get past certain stereotypes of Japanese people that many Westerners harbor Still, there is some fun bit of social commentary and parody on just about ever...

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    The review is updated on 28.02.2017I usually give a very brief description of the plot in the beginning of my reviews In this case I found it to be very difficult to do as it will have to be very vague or contain huge spoilers Think of this book as a grandfather of The Matrix movie The near future is a libertarian paradise the government intervention is practically non existent the law enforcement agencies are private and competing with each other Enter Hiro Protagonist yes, this is his real name In the beginning of the book he almost failed at pizza delivery this is a very serious business in the future handled entirely by the Mafia Fortunately a skateboarding courier Y.T shows up to save the day I need to mention her skateboard makes famous hoverboard from Back to the Future look like a children bike with training wheels From this fairly crazy beginning the plot dives headlong into giant conspiracy there has to be one in that kind of the story , Hiro s sword fights in real life and cyberspace virtual reality called Metaverse, new mind altering drugs, discussion of languages, religion, Shumer civilization, and so on You want a mutant Aleut who is deadly with his spear against a squad of hit men armed with guns You can have it here Atomic powered Gatling handgun Cool, here you are Computer hackers buildi...

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    It had great world building, great concepts, and great satire, but story wise the last 20% completely falls apart I was a little disappointed by the ending Also, I had a hard time with the active voice used throughout this book Reading it felt like a friend pitching a movie to me.The language as ...

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    I have a little SAT analogy to help you understand how awesome this book is Snow Crash is to Books as The Matrix is to movies with only the absolute BEST parts of Tron and Da Vinci Code thrown in I m not talking about all the commercialized Matrix saga and the weird hype I m talking about the first time you sat in the movie theater and saw that chick in the Matrix spin around in suspended animation and kick the crap out of a bunch of cops and thought, What the % COOL That s pretty much how this entire book reads I actually had to add it to my favorites list Can t believe I d never heard of it before my thanks for suggesting it, Erich I guarantee there is not a sentient male breathing who won t count this among their top 20 at least As for you fellow females, if you enjoy a great action romp like I do and I don t mean the stupid, dime a dozen shoot em ups, we re talking Die Hard I Aliens Terminator 2 and aforementioned Matrix caliber here then you ll love it, too It has everything Mafia pizza delivery tycoons, robot dogs, samura...

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    Did you ever have a kid at school who tried to appear smart and as the font of all knowledge by catching on to the tail ends of things while listening to adults, absorbing some of it, and then spouting forth in front of an assembly of kids, his or her, let s be fair here own regurgitation of what he had heard in the adult quarter, which would often make most of the other kids hang on to his her every word simply because they themselves didn t have a clue what he was talking about Well, with Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson is that kid grown up Stephenson latches on to all kinds of ideas and then regurgitates his reductionist, lopsided version of them in novel form The effect it had on this reader, is similar to what the screeching of chalk on a board does to most people it set my teeth on edge.There are so many lopsided, half developed ideas with huge holes in logic in them, in this novel, that I cannot mention them all and remain as brief as I am sure that you, dear reader, would prefer me to be Most of them pertain to Stephenson s lopsided extrapolation of how a virtual reality world would work, and his to me loopy ideas on neurolinguistics, ancient history and religions I was ambivalent about his snarky depiction of capitalism taken to the extreme In the Snow Crash world, everything is privatised to the poin...

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    Juvenile nerd power fantasy in a nutshellI m a big fanboy of the cyberpunk genre I should have liked this book Instead, I can honestly say that hate this book and I also feel bad saying that about someone s work, because it s almost like saying you hate someone s baby Maybe it was all the hype I was exposed to before reading it,but I just could not shake a deep feeling of annoyance throughout 90% of this book I found myself rolling my eyes a lot And when I wasn t doing that, I was asking myself things like Do people really think this is the Cyberpunk cream of the crop How many pages to go The first obvious problem was the prose Apparently some people s funny bones get tickled by similes comparing military bases to boils on someone s ass, metaphors about valleys and geological cunnilingus, and clever wordplay like calling refugees Refus Refuse, har har har, get it To an elitist douchebag like me it just sounds juvenile and unimaginative Combine all that with clunky, corny writing, and it s just downright lame I could have also done without the Unix In A Nutshell like explanations of EVERYTHING that drag down the flow of the book even The other big problem was that I did not care about any of the characters Hiro was annoying as hell because it s obvious that he s just a nerd s fantasy of what he wishes he could do Y.T also got ...

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    Written in the present tense, which is awkward and unengaging, brimfuls of technological deus ex machina remove all tension from an already slow plot line The characters are interesting, hence the two stars, but even they felt lacking and emotionally disengaged from their own story, which had the futile makings of something original.The ending is atrocious, preceded by wastelands of chapter lengt...

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