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The Best Lies

Remy Tsai used to know how her story would turn out But now, she doesn t even know what tomorrow will look like She was happy once Remy had her boyfriend Jack, and Elise, her best friend her soulmate who understood her better than anyone else in the world But now Jack is dead, shot through the c

We Walked the Sky

A multigenerational story about two teenagers Victoria, who joins the circus in 1965, and her granddaughter, Callie, who leaves the circus fifty years later In 1965 seventeen year old Victoria, having just escaped an unstable home, flees to the ultimate place for dreamers and runaways the circus.

Symptoms of a Heartbreak

The youngest doctor in America, an Indian American teen makes her rounds and falls head over heels in the contemporary romantic comedy Symptoms of a Heartbreak Fresh from med school, sixteen year old medical prodigy Saira arrives for her first day at her new job treating children with cancer She

Past Perfect Life

Small town Wisconsin high school senior Allison Smith loves her life the way it is spending quality time with her widowed father and her tight knit circle of friends, including best friend Marian and maybe than friends Neil Sure she is stressed out about college applications who wouldn t

The Beckoning Shadow (The Beckoning Shadow, #1)

Vesper Montgomery can summon your worst fear and turn it into a reality but she s learned the hard way that it s an addicting and dangerous power One wrong move and you could hurt someone you love But when she earns a spot in the Tournament of the Unraveling, where competitors battle it out for a

The Arrival of Someday

In this heartfelt and emotionally candid contemporary YA, author Jen Malone delves into the life of a teen whose world is brought to an abrupt halt when she learns she s in dire need of an organ transplant Hard charging and irrepressible eighteen year old Amelia Linehan could see a roller derby opp

Soul of Stars (Heart of Iron, #2)

The highly awaited sequel to Heart of Iron, Soul of Stars is a thrilling sci fi adventure packed with romance, shocking twists, and witty banter, perfect for fans of Six of Crows and Cinder Once, Ana was an orphaned space outlaw Then she was the Empress of the Iron Kingdom Now, thought dead by mo

Shatter the Sky (Shatter the Sky, #1)

Raised among the ruins of a conquered mountain nation, Maren dreams only of sharing a quiet life with her girlfriend Kaia until the day Kaia is abducted by the Aurati, prophetic agents of the emperor, and forced to join their ranks Desperate to save her, Maren hatches a plan to steal one of the emp

Cheshire Crossing

The three meet here, at Cheshire Crossing a boarding school where girls like them learn how to cope with their supernatural experiences and harness their magical world crossing powers But the trio now teenagers, who ve had their fill of meddling authority figures aren t content to sit still in a

How We Became Wicked

A plague, called Wicked, is pulsing through the world and in its wake, it s dividing the population into thirds The WICKED Already infected by the droves of Singers, the ultraviolet mosquito like insects who carry the plague, the Wicked roam the world freely They don t want for much only to maim

Stealing Home

Fight for your dreams, even if it means breaking a few rules Seventeen year old Ryan Russell has life perfectly planned If she keeps up her hard work, one day she ll take over the family business owning the Buckley Beavers, a minor league baseball team, and become one of the only female General M

The Last Word

1861 Miss Lucinda Leavitt is shocked when she learns the author of her favorite serialized novel has died before completing the story Determined to learn how it ends, Lucinda reluctantly enlists the help of her father s young business partner, Mr David Randall, to track down the reclusive author

Heartwood Box

A dark, romantic YA suspense novel with an SF edge and plenty of drama, layering the secrets we keep and how appearances can deceive, from the New York Times bestselling author In this tiny, terrifying town, the lost are never found When Araceli Flores Harper is sent to live with her great aunt Ot